Monday, February 6, 2012

Faithful in the seemingly small things: Portrait of a Saint.

Reprinting Blake's post from his blog Seeing Invisible.  I was going to write about Daniel, but Blake beat me to it.  Couldn't have said it better myself!  Enjoy...

Meet Daniel Prescott.

Daniel is on the Hospitality Team at Irving Bible Church. Every week—no matter what—Daniel is voluntarily helping cars find their spots. He’s greeting people as they walk into the sanctuary, joyfully welcoming each person he sees with a strong and meaningful “How we doing this morning?”
He asks because he really wants to know, and he treats every individual as if they are the most important person on the planet.
As my parents and I walk into church on a Sunday morning, Daniel greets us with his warm smile and engaging conversation. It’s amazing to see him consistently exemplify what it means to love others without conditions. And my family is no different. Daniel laughs and tells us that he’s happy to see us. My mom, being the avid photographer that she is, pulls out her phone to take a picture of him. 
“I’m documenting all the blessings in my life,” she says, “Can I take your picture?”
Daniel chuckles at the request, but happily agrees. 
My mom frames him on the screen and freezes the moment, capturing a saint’s pixelated image.

Daniel Prescott shows us what it means to be radically faithful to something that matters. Rain or shine, good day or bad day, recognition or anonymity, he shows up and loves people without expecting anything in return. His job is much more than parking cars. His job is serving Jesus with a passion that we can all learn from.
We’re all faithful to something—for good or ill. We’re prone to let our allegiances settle for laziness, social media, distractions, or self-gratification. But we have the ability to fight those urges.
If we’re all inherently faithful to something, why not follow Daniel’s lead and be faithful to something meaningful?
Let’s not be faithful in a flippant way. Let’s be radically faithful. The type of faithful that is inconvenient for us sometimes. The type of faithful that won’t always be fun. The type of faithful that will make us uncomfortable. The type of faithful that drives us to help park cars every Sunday morning without fail.
Daniel Prescott is a visible representation of the Invisible God.