Thursday, June 30, 2011

Red, White and Blue: Celebrating America {Free Printables}

God Bless America!
A few links for celebrating freedom~
Make this dessert featured on Catch My Party and make your friends and family drool!  
Or these desserts from Living Locurto.

Everything you need HERE and HERE and HERE to decorate your table from Catch My Party:
And a banner printable to complete the celebration!
Watch this simple way to say thank you to our troops when you see them out and about...
We wouldn't be free without their sacrifice.

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Blogging Slow Because....It's the Best Summer EVER!

There shall be eternal summer 
in the grateful heart.  
~Celia Thaxter
Pinch me. I'm living a dream!
All the kids are home this summer... 
{most likely this will be the last}  
We have coined it the "Best Summer EVER"
...and it is proving to be just that.  
When a friend called today to make sure I was okay due to my lack of blog posts, 
I decided it would be good to catch you up on the adventures of the Mankin family.
So here are a few things that have keeping me busy...
"Man-Up" ~ a new Bible Study for young men is meeting in our home on Sunday nights.
These evenings are testosterone-filled events~ high school and college guys welcome.
A worship set was recorded in our living room~You can get a glimpse of it HERE.
Shall we DANCE? Yes, we are learning the Texas Swing HERE.
From Las Vegas to San Marcus to Myrtle Beach to Duncanville
We are following Austin and Triumph Gold all over the country!
Add to that... College Tours.
Visits from best friends.
and boyfriends...
and a bunch of travel in between... 
and I have found little time to blog!
Are you having the best summer ever?  If not, plan a picnic, dive in the pool, 
invite some folks over for a cook-out, take a road trip to visit your aunt...
or simply let watermellon juice drip down your chin and have a seed spitting contest.  
It may be hot in Texas~ but the cicadas are serenading you from the trees!  
Praying you have a song in your heart!
 Paris pictures and travel tips and Fourth of July party help is on it's way SOON!

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Bonjour! Reflections of our Paris adventure

"I love Paris in the summer, when it sizzles." 
Mary Charles and me celebrating our arrival in Paris!
108 degrees in Texas~ 80 degrees in Paris.
And my internal clock is still upside down.  
Woke up at three a.m. and realized it was 9 am in Paris~ 
time for a chocolate croissant!
Spent most of the night dreaming about quaint coffee shops, macaroons and 
beautiful french accents that give you goose bumps.
I enjoyed reading the Hidden List this morning, so I thought I would share Kelley's post with you.  She has begun telling about our trip.  Don't miss the chance to let Valerie and Michelle from Riverside travel help you plan your next trip to Paris!

Read Kelley's blog HERE.
And as I get my photos uploaded, 
I will be happy to share more Parisian memories with you!

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

50-25-10: A Year Worth Celebrating! {Printable}

I'm calling this the year of 50-25-10.
I'll be 50 in August.
I'll be married to Mr. Wonderful 25 years in December.
I'll be cancer free for 10 years in February.
It's a great time to be ALIVE!

As a way of celebrating, I've been saying "yes" to almost everything that comes my way.  
So, Thursday I head to Paris (yes, FRANCE!)
I'm traveling with the "Aggie Sisterhood" 
We're having our 50th birthday party together.
The Aggie Sisterhood: Me, Julie, Catherine, Mary Charles and Kelley.

Mr. Wonderful is letting me go... even told me I had to do it.
That's why I call him Mr. Wonderful.

It isn't easy getting out of town, but when my flight takes off Thursday afternoon, I'll be rejoicing!
 I'll write all about my trip upon my return, but the blog will be quiet for a week or so while I'm eating pastry and sailing down the Seine.
What do you have to celebrate?
Download the precious "Celebrate" banner pictured above Here.
God certainly deserves a thank you for giving me this year as an amazing gift.  I think I'll write HIM a little thank you note just to show my gratitude.  Find this little bunting thank you note HERE.