Saturday, February 5, 2011

Spread Some Love~ Red Dinner and FREE Valentines!

The table is set for the "Red Dinner"
What gives meaning to the word "love?"  
chocolates and roses?
paper doilies and hearts?

Valentines day has always been one of my favorite holidays.  But for those who are longing for romance, it can be another reminder of love lost or love longed-for.

Instead of waiting for love, why don't you spread some love around?  Check out the  links below to precious valentines that you can download free.  Spend some time pondering who might be blessed to receive a little love in their mailbox...

 Grandma, the mailman, your hair dresser, housekeeper, your nanny, pastor, Sunday school teacher, friend who is a single parent, your college roomate, a favorite aunt....?

"Vintage" red dinner...
three of these kids are in college now!

Embrace this sweet day and invite some
friends over for a "red dinner."  
We started the tradition when the children were little.  My daughter, Emily, is a freshman in college and when she left after Christmas vacation, she said she hated to miss our "Valentine's Red Dinner!"  I'll have to send her something red in the mail! 

For dinner, simply eat "everything red" by candlelight, of course, with love songs for dinner music~ its magical!  
Include the kids in planning the menu and brainstorm RED...
Spaghetti, Jello, strawberries, cherries, raspberries, red peppers and red velvet cake!

For free Downloadable, printable Valentines...Simply click under the images below...

From Syle Crush

The following link from Living Locurto has a collection of  precious Valentines!  
I will be printing some to send in my college care packages!
From Living Locurto

Don't know what to get as a gift?  Get the perfect Movie Night Coupon below!

Craft your Valentines and include something sweet!
Or craft your valentines out of match boxes!


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