Tuesday, March 29, 2011

From Compassion Failure to Adoptive Parent~ Meet Jake!

If you can't feed a hundred people, 
then feed just one.  
~Mother Teresa

When the children were little, we adopted a little boy through Compassion International.  
Compassion connects you with a child and you support them through a monthly donation.  This donation pays for the child's schooling and you write letters back and forth.  
At the time of our first "adoption," I was overwhelmed with three little children 
under 4 years of age.  Compassion didn't have an automatic draft on our checking account, and even dropping a check in the mail was a huge task for me.  When the first letters came from our little boy, I couldn't find time to sit down and respond~  I just couldn't make it happen. So I contacted Compassion and asked them to find him another sponsor.

That was 15 years ago.

The past 15 years, we have worked with nonprofit organizations raising money for the needs of children, collecting shoes for the poor, serving the homeless, building water wells and traveling on short term mission trips.  
But I have been afraid to get a attached to a single child again~ until now. 

With Austin being the last child at home, I have desperately wanted to connect with a child around the world that I can invest in~ long term.  There is something precious about going the long haul, watching a child grow up, and encouraging him along the way.  
So I contacted my friends at Touch a Life.

Rachel Johnson invited me over to the office and introduced me to Joseph through his pictures and story.  She had been there when he was rescued out of slavery off Lake Volta in Ghana.  She had seen the transformation that had taken place in his life; from fear and hunger to safety and a full tummy; now he lives at the Village of Hope.

I'd like you to meet Jake...
A sweet boy full of hope and joy
This is Jake on the day of his rescue~ deep sadness in his eyes.
And here is my desk.
I'm keeping him close to my heart.
If you're overwhelmed with life, I certainly understand if adopting a child 
is too much for you~ it was too much for me at one time, too.  
Automatic draft certainly simplifies the process!
If you simply haven't taken the time to look into "adopting" a child, 
we could share our journey....and maybe a trip to Ghana to meet the newest members of our families!

Visit the Touch a Life website here and get some insight from their video below.

The Touch A Life Foundation from C1 Entertainment on Vimeo.

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