Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Letter Writing #2: Writing Letters as a Legacy

The word that is heard perishes,
but the letter that is written remains. 

On the heals of my post about weekly letters to my grandmother, I thought I would pass along this honoring video of  Lakshmi Pratury telling about her father's precious legacy of writing letters.  She is an incredibly successful business woman in india. Reflecting on the pace of life required to reach that success, she challenges us.  Don't sacrifice the ones you love to busyness, and make sure you value the truly important things in life.
Don't over-think what you'll write or you'll end up stifled...
Where do I begin? What do I say? What about spelling and proper punctuation?
No need to worry.  Little Elena drew pictures and used the simplest words, but left a beautiful written legacy.  During her last days on earth, she wrote and hid little love notes all over the house for her family.  I'm glad she didn't over-think it~ 
she just drew and wrote from the heart.
If you need help, there is a great list of books on letter-writing here
Sweet. Simple. Lasting.

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