Tuesday, April 19, 2011

A Lesson on Love: First Corinthians Thirteen

"Now these three remain. 
Faith, hope and love. 
But the greatest of these is love."
1 Corinthians 13:13 

I heard a great message on love last week by Alice McQuitty.  
It was a hard to hear, very good message on the reality of just how hard it is to love well.
Good thing is... God makes himself perfectly clear on the subject.

We often read the "love" passages as "feel good" poetry at weddings.  
But when you read it as a filter on your life, as a means of giving yourself a "grade" on your current status of loving others, it gets real serious, real fast.

For years, I have prayed for a tough skin and soft heart so I could receive instruction from God's word.  
The Holy Spirit's conviction often stings at first, but transforming your life in response to it leads to victory~ and THAT is something that feels GOOD.

Here are two tools for you if you are serious about loving well.

1. Listen to Alice McQuitty's message on love here.

This is Alice with her sweet grandaughter Madeline Mae.
{Even more precious... her grandchildren call her "Honey"!}
She love's God's word and is great at helping us apply it to our lives.
I think you will enjoy her lesson on love.

2.  Print out the following little reminder.

These pretty printables from Brooke will keep it front and center.  I love the second one, where you can put  your name in the blanks.  I did this {ever so cautiously} because I knew by doing so, I would be challenged to apply it all...

Find Brooke's printables from Playing Grown Up here

After you write your name in the blanks, read it OUT LOUD and consider it ALL.  Then make a plan for shedding those behaviors that don't look like love.  
Praying for you {and me} today, that we would embrace the challenge to do whatever it takes to show love.  In the end, it really is all that matters.  

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