Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Print Posters with Sound Messages {Free Printable}

Today, I bring to your attention some wonderful graphic posters.  
They may be downloaded free and framed for your inspiration, or used as a 
gift for someone you love.  

With the intention to usher in a new era of social action art, ReadyMade asked illustrators and designers Nick DewarChristopher Silas NealChristoph NiemannOpen, and Mike Perry  to conceive and draw out the iconic messages of our day. Find the article and download the prints here.

This one made me think of my Blake, who has taken up bike riding~ EVERYWHERE!  
What a sweet, simple way to get around!
This would be perfect for my tree hugging friends
Matt and Kelly Shook in Austin, Texas. 
They have a cool juice shop and love living "green" 
so the trees can grow.
Kelly Bataglia will LOVE this~ she's a gal who loves locally grown REAL food...
And, well... this one might just be for me {I LOVE to meet new people!},  
or my friend Delisa Yates who has never met a stanger. 
These posters are available for downloading and framing for your pleasure~ enjoy!

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