Wednesday, June 8, 2011

50-25-10: A Year Worth Celebrating! {Printable}

I'm calling this the year of 50-25-10.
I'll be 50 in August.
I'll be married to Mr. Wonderful 25 years in December.
I'll be cancer free for 10 years in February.
It's a great time to be ALIVE!

As a way of celebrating, I've been saying "yes" to almost everything that comes my way.  
So, Thursday I head to Paris (yes, FRANCE!)
I'm traveling with the "Aggie Sisterhood" 
We're having our 50th birthday party together.
The Aggie Sisterhood: Me, Julie, Catherine, Mary Charles and Kelley.

Mr. Wonderful is letting me go... even told me I had to do it.
That's why I call him Mr. Wonderful.

It isn't easy getting out of town, but when my flight takes off Thursday afternoon, I'll be rejoicing!
 I'll write all about my trip upon my return, but the blog will be quiet for a week or so while I'm eating pastry and sailing down the Seine.
What do you have to celebrate?
Download the precious "Celebrate" banner pictured above Here.
God certainly deserves a thank you for giving me this year as an amazing gift.  I think I'll write HIM a little thank you note just to show my gratitude.  Find this little bunting thank you note HERE.

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