Sunday, February 3, 2013

{Engaged!} Free "She Said Yes!" Printable

It was a magical night!
Full of giggles and goosebumps,
and laughing through our tears. 
He started with a private candlelight dinner...
Then serenaded her with a song...
  When he got on one knee, he said that he loved her. 
That he wanted to spend the rest of his life with her.
Her answer was precious and enthusiastic... 
"Yes, yes! A hundred times Yes!" She said.
Cupcakes and champagne and throngs of people waited  
to offer toasts and congratulations back at her parent's house.
And all our of our hearts REJOICED!
Do you know someone who is getting engaged, or could use these sweet little signs for an engagement photo shoot?  Bless their hearts with wonderful printable signs. 
Trip Carroll, one of Blake's dearest friends, whipped them up for me so we could take this cute shot.  He offers them to you for your personal use, so you can bless someone in love!    
Download "He Asked! She Said Yes!" HERE.
I better get busy~ I've got a rehearsal dinner to plan and a new daughter to love! Wee!

Question:  Think back to the day you got engaged.  
Remember how you flaunted your ring and floated on a cloud?  
Makes you want to tell him you would marry him all over again, doesn't it?  


  1. I'm so excited for Blake and Meagan AND the fact that I'm getting your posts again! XO!