Wednesday, February 13, 2013

{Music for a Happy Soul} Rend Collective's Campfire Story

My young adult children have the most remarkable taste in music.  
Their generation is blessed with technology~ allowing a generous sharing of music,  exposure to independent musicians and the ability 
to record their own music in a closet on a whim.

This morning, Mr. Wonderful and I received a group text from the kids alerting us about  
       Rend Collective's new album, The Campfire Story.  
This album was literally recorded by a campfire at the beach.  
My heart beat a little faster and I was swept away to Lakeview United Methodist Church Camp when I listened to the first song... they began with a chorus of Kumbaya.

But don't think this is a throwback to 1970. 
It is fresh and real and current and amazing.
Hear the story of it's inspiration in the following video, and then buy it on iTunes.  
It will strengthen your faith, lift your spirits~ 
and put a jig in your step!  
The album ends with with a song called Praise Like Fireworks that had me 
dancing around my office!

And for all my friends who have young adults in your lives~ 
you will be a super cool, in-the-know friend if you tell them about this worship band 
you've discovered called the Rend Collective.  
Find their music HERE.
And their website HERE.

Question:   When was the last time you invested in some new music to feed your soul?
Why don't you send an iTunes gift card and link to the Rend Collective's new album to a friend or college student? 

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