Thursday, February 10, 2011

"Indie" Love Song CD = Coolest Mom EVER!

Holly and Cody in their engagement picture:
My "Cool Consultants"
Loving college and high school kids in a creative way sometimes requires that I seek outside help.  By this, I mean a kind-of "Hitch" for moms, you know, someone who can increase my "cool" status by holding my arms down when I try to do the Q-tip dance in order to look cool; or by reminding me to refrain from saying things like, "Make sure you eat your green beans" to my 21 year old. 

For this kind of consulting, Holly Holland is my go-to girl.   Holly is my young, totally hip friend who lives in California with her adorable husband Cody (the fact that she lives in California gives her an extra measure of "cool"!).

All three of my children LOVE music, and are frequently burning mixed CD's for their friends, so I decided to make them a mix CD to put in their Valentine's care package.  Problem is, my kids listen to music by bands I've never heard of before, independent bands that they find on Itunes~  And James Taylor is not on their list of favorites! 

So I consulted Holly and she put together a list of songs for me to use, and I added a couple more of my own for good measure.  Can't wait for my kids to listen and exclaim, "How'd my mom get to be so cool?"  Thanks, Holly!

A Little Love Song CD

"Everything You Do" by He Is We
"Something's Got a Hold On Me" Etta James
"Swoon" by Imogen Heap  
"Pea" by Rabbit
"Love Me" by Justin Bieber
"Chocolate" by Snow Patrol
"Love Lost" by The Temper Trap
"Friday I'm In Love" by Dean & Britta
"I Want to Hold Your Hand" by The Beatles
"Cherry" Tulips by Headlights
"Live Forever" by Drew Holcomb & The Neighbors
"Magic" by Rabbit
"Anywhere But Here" by Drew Holcomb & The Neighbors
If you have college kids, you might consider contacting your "cool" consultant.
(if you don't have one, find one!).  
Ask them to suggest love songs for your playlist. If you know what genre of music your kids enjoy most, start there, or use the ones I've listed for you.

A little stamp on the CD Sleeve, a little 'Sharpie' note on the CD, 
and in case you've missed the mark on the music... add an itunes card!

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  1. This confirms you're the coolest mom ever! Will make sure that I have all of these tracks!!