Friday, February 11, 2011

Technology Crush Leads to Second-Guess-Chat!

Technology is a great way to send a word of encouragement, remind someone about a lunch date, or ask a question about homework.
But when it comes to "saying what you really mean,"
Consider all that is lost when you can't SEE the expression in someones face, INTERPRET the pauses in their dialogue and HEAR the inflection in their voice.

I wonder how much love has been lost or totally missed out on because of the events of conversations like this one! 
Getting a glimpse into what was happening behind the scenes in this video makes me feel giddy for these two~  wonder if they ever "found" one another?

Just a reminder for those of us desiring to love well...

Call or sit down with the ones you love when you have anything of importance to 
communicate~  especially LOVE!
(If you have a hard time seeing this tiny embedded video, double click the video 
to see it at You Tube)

Thanks to the Hidden List for sharing!

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