Thursday, March 3, 2011

Hand to Heart Prayers~ A Sweet Reminder to Pray

"We must storm the gates of heaven 
on her behalf!"

The other day I wrote a post about my friend Cindy.  She is battling cancer and because she lives in Houston and I live in Dallas, it is hard to know how to help.  Unable to help with practical things like carpools and casseroles can be frustrating at times.  We are, however, able to offer our prayers from any distance.  This battle demands that we, as Corrie TenBoom said, storm the gates of heaven on her behalf! 

When I went through cancer, I read a remarkable book called A Different Kind of Miracle by Emilie Barnes.  In the book, Emilie described the sweetest tool for praying for the ones you love.  She would trace the handprint of cancer patients she met through her cancer journey, ask them to sign their name, and add some of their favorite verses.   It would not only serve as a reminder to pray, but as she prayed, she would put her hand on their hand-print.  This added a sweet connection to the heart of the one she was praying for.  

So this week, I asked Cindy to trace her handprint and send it to me.  Just reading the sweet words of truth she added in her handwriting made my heart ache and caused me to call out to Jesus on her behalf.  I marvel at Cindy's courage and faith~ God is our Rock; we cannot be shaken!  

I have begun to email this treasure to friends and family as a reminder to pray.  After printing it, it can be tucked into the pages of a Bible, taped on the refrigerator (every time you grab a snack, you could pray!), placed on the desk or on the nightstand by the bed.  

This tool certainly isn't limited to cancer patients~ I traced my children's handprints in my journal years ago, and now their tiny prints remind me how much they have grown!  If you get overwhelmed with journaling words, you could create a journal just for tracing the handprints of the ones you love~ like an autograph book with a powerful purpose!  It would even make a great "guest book" for your home.

And finally, as you read this, 
will you join me in praying for my sweet life-long friend Cindy?  It you want me to send you a copy of her handprint, just email me at
Your prayers are powerful and effective; that's His promise!  


  1. Thank you for sharing this Sharon. Praying for Cindy. May she feel The Presence of the Holy Spirit right now every minute today!