Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Mr. Wonderful: The Pancake and Waffle Expert!

~Mitch Hedberg
Saturday morning waffles with Mr. Wonderful.
Several years ago, Mr. Wonderful and the children gave me a waffle iron for Mother's day.  It is usually ill-advised to give a kitchen appliance to a woman as a gift; most everyone knows it's a dangerous move.  But this waffle iron came with the chef attached.  Yes, Mr. Wonderful, who rarely cooks, decided to give me a waffle iron and make the waffles, too. 

Well, this delighted the children and made me one happy momma.  The tradition took off and now this routine has become a regular weekend treat.  The waffles were such a hit that the following Christmas, Mr. Wonderful asked for a "large griddle" so he could add pancakes to his breakfast repertoire.  If you've known our family for any amount of time, you know that the griddle enables Mr. Wonderful to cook waffles and pancakes for a crowd!

This weekend, all the chicks were in the nest (we have two in college, one at home), so Sunday morning, I slept in while Mr. Wonderful made waffles and fresh coffee.  This sweet, simple tradition delights the children and makes dad a real breakfast hero!
Check out Blake's "Bed Hed" ~~
preferred attire for this yummy morning routine!
Lots of butter and.... 
Real Maple Syrup!

Mr. Wonderful adds blueberries or chocolate chips to his pancakes!
Why don't you encourage the man in your life to become an expert at something in the kitchen?  Could be pancakes and waffles, could be spaghetti suppers, could be a
Saturday morning "donut date with dad" like our neighbor, 
Mr. Hohfeler,
does with his girls.
 It certainly doesn't have to be complicated~
but it does have to be done with love!

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  1. Mr Wonderful is indeed wonderful!! Thanks for the wonderful idea and encouragement!