Friday, April 29, 2011

Loving Mom: Donna and Sharon's Excellent Adventures #1 {Mother's Day Free Printable}

"A mother is the truest friend we have…”
~Washington Irving
Mom and me making Apple Crisp on Christmas Day
This is my precious mom.  She lives a short 20 minutes away, and we see each other at all the birthdays, holidays and basketball games, but have a hard time making time 
"just for us."  So I have decided to start a little event called,
"Donna and Sharon's Excellent Adventures!"
Once a month, we are going to explore the city of Dallas. 
Our April adventure was to journey south of downtown to the 
Bishop Arts District.
 Coppell, our "Leave it to Beaver" community, is a great place to raise kids,  but we definitely lack  visually stimulating architecture and unique culinary businesses.
Bishop Arts has it ALL! 

We started with lunch at Oddfellows, a modern day diner of sorts, but SOOO much more hip than the Local Diner in Coppell~ and you will swoon over the coffee!!!
We ate the most amazing spinach salad and fried green tomato sandwich~ YES!  Fried Green Tomatoes!!
 Check out the cool outdoor coffee bar~ A DREAM!
The piano is located right outside just in case you get the urge to run your fingers up and down the keys!
After a walk around this little area of precious shops, we stumbled upon this treasure....
The Soda Gallery is the most nostalgic collection of new "old" bottled sodas~ 
Mom and I found great "talking points" for story-telling as we looked around...
As we sipped on an Orange Crush, we relived Mom's days as a little girl hanging out with her daddy, J.L. Newsom, at his Cotton Gin.  She would hang out with the guys at the Gin, watch them play dominoes, get a nickel for the soda machine from her daddy and drink an Orange Crush. When I came along, I went to the gin to hang out, too, and drank Orange Crush out of a clear bottle just like the one we're drinking from in the picture.  
But Mom remembered drinking her Orange Crush out of a brown bottle.
Robert, the manager of the shop, heard Mom mention the brown bottle, led us to the back of the store and showed us this vintage Orange Crush in a brown bottle~
 just as mom remembered!  We were delighted!
They have a wonderful collection of vintage pieces throughout the place.  
Take the one you love to the Soda Shop for some terrific story telling and memory making!
You might even consider starting a little event called 
Excellent Adventures with your mom!

{Mother's Day is May 8th}
So here is a little printable from the TomKat Studio so you can get a head start making something special for your mom~  Next week I'm featuring more Mother's Day goodness!
Or if you are really industrious, you might make this by Just Something I Made:

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  1. Yay!! I love this! So glad you came over to my hood, but very sorry I couldn't join in your adventure! Thanks for sharing about the neighborhood that I love so much!!