Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Pies for Soldiers~ Royer's Round Top Sends It's Love!

“Good apple pies are a considerable part of our domestic happiness.”
~Jane Austen

We didn't know you have to make reservations WAAAYYY in advance if you want to go 
But we REALLY wanted to go...
So we waited...
For 3 hours.  
Until 9:30 p.m.   
{And it was worth it}
Bud, sittin' out front, taking reservations, and chattin' with folks.
A collection of Bud's cigar butts add character!
I had seen a segment on Royer's Cafe in Round Top on the Sunday Morning Show and had been drooling ever since.  Licking the juice off my fingers from the blackened pork chops, smashed potatoes and black eyed peas was everything I'd dreamed.  And the Pie~ oh, my!  

The bonus to our late night was that we closed the place down, and true to the Royer's recipe for a successful cafe (which involves lots of "friends"), Bud Royer came over to meet us, sat down at our table, and stayed a while.
When Bud is navigating the crowds out front, he only has enough time to welcome you to his place and send you inside.  But if you have the privilege of spending time with him, you discover a man with a big heart.  We learned of the history of his place, he pointed out his kids~ all whom have a roll in the business.  He laughed and smiled and told stories~ even had a few extra pieces of pie sent over for us to try...each one as good as the next.  But in the end, what we enjoyed most, was getting a glimpse of this man's heart.  

Bud loves Jesus...and people...and the community he lives in.  He brags on his kids and grandkids, pointing out the picture-plastered walls of the ones he loves.  We learned that Royer's has made pies for Mobile Loaves and Fishes, a homeless ministry in Austin, and we learned that Bud loves soldiers.
If you go the website, you can send a pie to a soldier over seas that you know, or let Bud select a soldier for you.  What a way to send some home-made love to a soldier lonesome for the good ol' USA!   Here is a little video I shot of him while he explained the project to us~ Don't you just love Bud's turquoise jewelry and flamboyant apron?  They are like a garnish that embellish his vision and heart!
If you head down to Round Top, 
make sure you say "howdy" 
to my new friends, 
the Royers!

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