Thursday, April 7, 2011

Potted Flower Prankster Brings JOY! {Free Printable}

"When you see flowers, 
your day is brightened, it's like sunshine!"
~Marinus Koole

My font porch is screaming for color and my flower beds are dry and barren.  
Oh, how I would love to see some color spring up around here!  

A friend of mine shared a little spring tradition that she has in her neighborhood~
 It's a sneaky little project as explained in her own words below.  
{ I am withholding her name so I don't blow her cover!}
Photo Credit: Sense and Simplicity
 "For the past several years, I have anonymously given friends, neighbors, people I know who are particularly harried or down or expecting company, the gift of beautiful pots of flowers.  Sometimes I buy the pot, plant the flowers and then put it on their front porch (always anonymously).  Sometimes, however (and this is the really fun part) I drive by someone's house and notice an empty flowerpot by their entry... so I grab my gardening gloves and digger, some potting soil, a bottle of water and I dash to the nursery and buy the flowers.  Then, when I think they're not home, I pull up to their curb, hop out, plant the pot, give the flowers a bit of water, and drive off.  So far I have never been caught!" 

I had the privilege of receiving two gestures like this when I was going through cancer treatment.  Once when a neighbor planted flats of begonias in my flower beds, only to be discovered when I walked out to get the mail!   Another time, I answered the door to find, not a person, but a pot of beautiful yellow mums sitting cheerfully on my porch.  At the time, I had no energy for planting, so the gift was an extra special blessing!

Here is a card you might like to download to use in your next flower prank~  
you could sign it "Just Because... from a neighbor who cares!"
From Living Locurto HERE
 Or a cute message on a stick from Tip Junkie HERE
Or a sweet card with a spring message HERE

Have fun planting happiness!

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