Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Loving Your REAL LIVE PRINCESS! {You're a princess, too!}

“To be simple means to be completely pure: 
to have royalty and greatness whilst being ordinary.” 
~Thought for Today-UK

Every Wednesday after school, I get to hang out with five precious high school girls.  
They're serious about growing in wisdom, and have given me and my friend, Suzanne, 
the privilege of teaching, probing, challenging and encouraging them with God's Word.  
Last week, we had a little reception in honor of William and Kate.  
And, yes, we love the glitz and glam of England's prestigious royal family, 
but the main purpose of the celebration was to remind them that they, too, are royalty!
Because they know the Prince of Peace, they are Princesses in God's Kingdom!  
Here are a couple of photos from our afternoon.
Complete with tiaras, crowns and roses...
 Party Favors
The engagement ring...
Table decorations, thanks to the free party printables at Design Editor!
We watched the royal engagrement interview and
Lifetime Movie about Will and Kate.
A fine looking group of "ordinary" princesses with royalty flowing through their veins~
heading for greatness!

  • What woman in your life needs to be reminded that she is truly LOVED by the King of Kings?
  • What teenager would make different decisions if she knew her TRUE VALUE as a princess?
  • What little girl idolizes Cinderella, never realizing she is ROYALTY, too?
Here are some great tools to redefine yourself as a princess or 
educate the little princess in your life:

A wonderful place to learn about regal living here. 
A good book for preteens here.
An excellent website, book and blog for teen princesses here.
A good book for grown-up princesses here.


  1. Love this!!! How wonderful. You're working with one my most favorite people in the world. I love Suzanne. You all are doing a fantastic job.

  2. Kim, Thanks for your kind words. I LOVE doing life with Suzanne!

  3. OK...this is the cutest thing ever! I love it! I'm still amazed at how beautiful that wedding was!

  4. I wish I had a group of girls to do these funny things with. I heard about this blog from the liesyoungwomenbelieve sight and all of the sudden wished I was a part of your little group. So glad that whoever this is pours her life in to the lives of young girls.

  5. Thanks for your encouragement Ruby! I am pursing them like crazy~ and I LOVE teenagers!