Sunday, August 28, 2011

Milestone Birthdays are for Celebrating! {Free Printable}

Mr. Wonderful whispered "Happy Birthday" in my ear while I was still dreaming 
as he headed to work on Monday morning... 
I stretched, breathing air deep into my lungs... It was great to be alive!

Although some dread birthdays, I had a change of heart after defeating breast cancer nearly 10 years ago... When another birthday rolls around, it is a gift~ and every age spot, wrinkle and achy joint is a sweet reminder that I'm still here!

Although I've said "YES!" to all kinds of things this year...
lots of fun times and spontaneous silliness...

It was the precious "little things" that I counted on my special day.
My life, when partnered with God's abundant grace, is rich, indeed. 
So I've been giving thanks all week...

For the truth of His word in surprise places.
 The privilege of sending my kids to college;
and prayers said by friends for safe travel...
for sipping fancy coffee with the Aggie Sisterhood....
 ...who made a surprise trip to Dallas just to say they were glad I was born.
{One of them even in the midst of her own cancer battle}
For  little touches of hospitality~
 And bubbly toasts to another year!
For the lavish love of my sweet parents and sister and friends...
for the gifts and cards and calls and Facebook blessings~ 
And to help with your next celebration, why not do this adorable idea from 
And here are a couple of downloads that would make precious cup cake toppers!
 And Yellow Mums

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