Sunday, September 11, 2011

Makin' Plans... Makin' Progress!

It is not enough to take steps 
which may some day lead to a goal; each step must be itself a goal and a step likewise.  
~Johann Wolfgang von Goet

Remember my post the other day about goal setting?
Well, I found this adorable download from Blah, Blah, Blahg for making lists that fit my plan perfectly.
A daily plan for getting "ONE THING" done.  Combined with a list for "to do's"
This should break my goals down even further and keep me on task every day!
Since last week, I haven't missed a day of exercise~ Yea, me!  For accountabiltiy, my son, Austin, is getting a report every day regarding what exercise I've done that day.  He even took me to Andy Brown for a little personal training session last weekend;  after the lunges we did, I couldn't sit down without assistance for three days!

I have been power walking to pod casts to keep me motivated, and today Francis Chan changed my life when he preached on Ephesians 3~ the message is called "Falling Madly in Love with God" you can find it HERE.  I guarantee you'll "fall on your knees and pray" after you hear it!

As for the rest of my list?  I've signed up for a photography class HERE and  HERE if you want to join me and my friend, Beth Hohfeler.  It is an adult education class through SMU Plano; can't wait to learn something new! 

For my spiritual health, I'm attending Irving Bible Church's Bible study on the Psalms~ it is going to be RICH! Would love for you to join us; find out about it HERE.

As far as organizing my house and purging the attic, I have enlisted the help of my faithful friend Kari Smith of His Designs.  She is terrific at "making things happen." With a strong ability to lead and a soft heart for the things you love, she makes the cleaning out process a little less painful and a lot more fun!  Email her to get on her schedule at

Would love to hear what goals you're setting, so comment below and share your plans for getting them done~  You may inspire us to join you!
{Achieving goals is much more fun when shared with a friend}


  1. Please come over to my house once you learn how to dig in and clean out! I'm in need!! You're inspiring me to work out!! I'm going to start that after I'm done with the Master Cleanse I'm doing now! XO!

  2. This is a nice little reminder to me that I need to do the same thing and take a little time to re-evaluate. I think it would bring some calm to my life. Thanks for sharing. XO