Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Friend fighting cancer? Create a prayer team!

{Kate at Jay's "Head Shaving Party" after he began losing is hair from chemotherapy.
Pictured with her sister Maggie and Mom, Beth.}

Kate's dad is battling Lymphoma.  Things have been pretty rough though the treatment.  So when Kate arrived at Middle School West and found the hallways full of hot pink tshirts, well, let's just say it went a long way toward lifting her spirits!  What a wonderful way to show solidarity, boldly profess their confidence in the power of prayer, and display their faith in our great God.

Kate sent these pictures via text to her mom, who sent them to me, so I could share them with you.  What a beautiful way to show love and support to Kate on behalf of her father, Jay, who is fighting cancer.  Please pray for my friend Jay and his family~ 
We are storming the gates of Heaven on their behalf...
Just wish I had thought to form a prayer team complete with hot pink uniforms!

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