Monday, December 5, 2011

Loving and Celebrating My Boy as He Loves and Celebrates Us.

Two days ago, my oldest son, Blake, graduated from the University of Texas.  
Today he turns 22 years old.  
This tow headed little guy with the wispy, fly away hair now has a full beard and deep voice; 
and he thinks and acts like a man.
At his graduation party, Blake and his fellow graduates turned the party around.  
Instead of celebrating themselves, they threw a party to celebrate 
their friends and family and the blessings they have received from those relationships.  
It was remarkable. 
 They climbed up on the picnic table and gave little speeches of gratitude to all who attended.
Then they ended their time with this prayer.
I'm still teary-eyed thinking about it.   
Thanks, Blake {and all your precious friends} for showing us what it looks like to show gratitude.
Next time we'll be more inclined to pause and realize that we live a blessed life
and we have a loving God and lots of people to thank for it.

{The next little video is kind of silly, but I wanted the grandparents and family who couldn't be there for the ceremony to get a glimpse of it...}

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