Wednesday, January 11, 2012

One Word: Sweet, Simple Resolutions.

Have you made your New Years Resolutions?  
Did you know that long lists of commitments are out? 
And ONE WORD mantras are in? 
Instead of a list of things to "do," simply pick a theme and make it the filter for everything you do~ Infuse it in you decision-making, speak it over your day, ask yourself if you are applying it, keep it in front of you.  
Our family decided to choose one word to help us cast a vision for what we desired in 2012.  
 It is as simple as it sounds... 
I used my rolling alphabet stamp to put "One Word 2012" on a little shipping tag.
Everyone in the family chose a word and stamped it on their card.
Some of us, who wanted more specific context around our words, added bullet points on the back of the card that gave additional explanation to our word.

Emily's boyfriend, Will, was at the house the day we did this little project.  
He chose an awesome word:
At dinner one night this week, why not challenge the family to think and pray about 
their "One Word" resolutions?  It will make a great discussion. 
 And would you pray for me? That I would be diligent in my "one word" resolution....
~Pursue God through prayer
~Pursue people with great intention
~Pursue growth in writing and photography
If "One Word" is too simple and you want to go all in with a plan, you might try the app for you phone called Big Change. 
{I would love for you to let me know what "one word" you've chosen to stand as a resolution for you in 2012.  Would you share it in the comment section below?}
Don't have shipping tags or cute letter stamps?  
No excuse!  An index card and Sharpie marker work just fine!!


  1. Love this ~ what a fantastic idea! My word ~ GRACE.

    1. Dana... aren't we glad that God has an unlimited measure of GRACE? Thanks for sharing!

  2. Kelley, Awesome word! I plan to learn right along with you! Looking forward to our workshop!