Tuesday, October 18, 2011

GRACE trumps Perfection. A powerful reminder and free printable

  I just returned from Houston, where I attended the funeral of my sweet friend, Cindy Dove.
{Many of you printed her hand print and prayed for her~ thank you.}
It was a bitter-sweet couple of days.  There is a deep ache in my heart for the loss of my friend, combined with a great rejoicing that she is no longer suffering, followed by the reality that life goes on.
As I drop into bed tonight, my suitcase remains unpacked, dishes are piled in the sink, 
sweaty basketball socks cover the floor, and the pile on my desk is growing.
I am so grateful for the Gospel of Grace at this moment 
that I am overwhelmed by the magnitude of it.

GRACE not only trumps death. 
GRACE also trumps perfection.

May you rest in the beauty of God's GRACE today.
Find this precious printable HERE.

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