Thursday, February 7, 2013

{Loving Your Valentine} Everything you need to spread the love. Free Printables

This season of love makes my heart palpitate!

When I met Mr. Wonderful he turned my world upside down. 
hyperventilated every time he looked at me with his dreamy brown eyes. 
Two months into our relationship, during February {the love month!}, 
I  KNEW he was my guy.  

It wasn't the big things like diamonds and fine dining that won my heart, 
it was the little, sweet things like...
  • Discovering a rose on the seat of the car when he picked me up for a date.
  • Getting a phone call after he arrived home from our date just to say, "I wanted to make sure I told you how much I enjoyed myself tonight."
  • Noticing the "to do" list on the desk, he would add a line item: "Tell Dwight that you love him." Which I would discover later in the day to the great delight of my heart!
  • The hot air balloon gram that arrived at the school where I was teaching on Valentine's day announcing to every fourth grader that Miss Ridgway was in love.
Circa 1986, Notice the 80's "big hair"!
I'm crazy about the love month because the simple, creative ways to say "I Love You" are encouraged and celebrated~ and the blog world is full of all the inspiration you need to make your feelings known!  I posted some ideas for care packages, red dinner and links to great valentines last year.  All praise to the creatives who generously share their FREE graphic design talent with the rest of us so we can start loving the world!

I've done you're research again this year...
Check out all of these sweet, simple ways to say you're loved, 
then click on the links in the guide below. 

Valentine Peep Notes by Sissy Print
Valentine Decor by Pleated Poppy
The Love Verse by Project Inspire
Paint chip heart garland by Julie Ann Art
Another link up by Joy Ever After
I'll love you always and forever from the Pretty Blog
Have a little Crush on You from The Idea Room

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  1. Oh, I think that's in our apt! Maybe I took that picture! I love it! This brought a big smile to my face today! So glad you're back!